Articles, papers and presentations

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Seminar on resource consent conditions - the forgotten discipline May 2011

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Recent projects

Technical projects
Preliminary site investigtions of potentially contaminated sites Private client
Preparation of guidance on the use of OVERSEER by regional councils Consortium
Technical review of groundwater quality impacts of wastewater discharges to land. Environment Southland
Update of guidance notes on resource consent conditions Ministry for the Environment
Technical advice on Supreme Court case on water permit application priority to limited water resources. Environment Canterbury
Advice on air quality effects of an emergency sewage storage facility. Private client
Audit of local authority responses to the 2010/11 MfE RMA survey Ministry for the Environment
Laboratory services review Environment Canterbury
Report on the implications of the NES - soil contaminants and the Canterbury NRRP Environment Canterbury
Submission on Otago Regional Council proposed Plan Change 6A Water Quality DairyNZ
Nutrient loss allocation proposal Private clients
Preliminary site investigations of a potentially contaminated site Private client
Commissioner roles

Over 40 resource consent and regional plan change hearings, and non-notified resource consent decisions

Environment Canterbury

Environment Southland

Marlborough District Council

Otago Regional Council

Christchurch City Council

Selwyn District Council

Preparation of section 42A reports for resource consent hearings:

Various regional councils