Specific consultancy services

Advice on the application of OVERSEER® Nutrient Budgets (Overseer) in regional plans and resource consents
  • For example, to ensure that account is taken of Overseer and catchment modelling uncertainties in developing appropriate policies and implementation methods to achieve water quality and wider community objectives.
Preparation/auditing of Assessments of Environmental Effects for resource consent applications - primarily discharge permits and water permits.
  • Preparation/auditing of Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEEs) required under the Resource Management Act, including consultation with the consent authority and people or organisations interested in or potentially affected by a proposal.
  • Coordination of key experts for a complex proposal.
Undertaking contaminated site investigations.
  • Undertaking/supervising and reporting on contaminated site investigations in accordance with the NES Contaminated Land Management Guidelines.
Undertaking Overseer modelling to meet regional council regional rule requirements
  • Undertaking/auditing Overseer modelling primarily to assess nitrogen leaching and phosphorus run-off estimates.
Project management of major consent applications - primarily discharge permits and water permits.
  • Technical coordination of major resource consent applications including integration with legal and planning advice. 
Regional plan development advice, particularly policies and rules
  • Provision of advice to regional councils in the development of regional plans and section 42A officer reports on proposed regional plans.
Advice on submissions on regional plans and resource consent applications
  • Assistance with the preparation of submissions on regional plan and resource consent applications relating to environmental quality or water resource management.
Commissioner and mediation roles
  • Technical and sole commissioner role - MfE certified decision-maker.
  • Mediation roles for resolution of resource consent appeals and regional plan formulation issues.
Management of consent appeal and regional plan development processes 
  • Technical coordination of consent appeal and regional plan development processes including mediation 
Training on writing rules and consent conditions
  • Provision of training on how to develop rules and resource consent conditions that deliver environmental results that are certain, lawful, and enforceable.
Resource consent and wider environmental compliance advice
  • Provision of advice on measures needed to comply with all Resource Management Act requirements and wider environmental risk management advice.
Contaminated site management advice
  • Advice on measures needed to avoid, remedy or mitigate adverse effects that may arise from a contaminated site.
Resource management science advice
  • Advice on water quality investigation and monitoring programmes.
  • Advice on Resource Management Act science and research needs.